Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye to a Giant Among Men

Dr. John Allen passed away this morning due to complications from surgery. This hurts more than most because just 3 short days ago, he seemed perfectly fine.

As a five year old girl, I had to get used to a new house, a new ward, and new friends. I was about ready to be done with new things by the time my mom told me we were going to see a new doctor. Like most children, I did not enjoy doctors and so I went with an attitude. I sat around waiting in a strange office hoping that he wasn't old and mean. When he walked in the room he didn't look too old, and he sure didn't look mean! In fact, he looked just like a grandpa should look. I wasn't completely convinced until he started to do my checkup and asked if there were dogs in my ears. I looked at him like he was crazy, until he looked in my ears and a dog barked! I was amazed! And then he found a frog croaking in my throat! I had officially labeled this doctor as cool! The visit was fun and I got a sucker when I was done, so by the end, I was completely sold on going to this new doctor!

Luckily for my family, this new doctor wasn't just a physician, he was also our friend and neighbor. I probably ran over to his house for some medical aillment more than I went to his office, and he never complained. So many little emergencies (Conner bitting into his tongue, Alex splitting her lip, Hana hurting her ankles from volleyball) were all taken to Dr. John before we ever even thought of the emergency room! Just this last summer my mom and I were concerned that my surgery site was getting infected under all of the bandages, but I wouldn't let anyone take off the bandage because I knew how much it would hurt. Finally I consented that the only person I would allow to take them off would be Dr. John. I went over there - on the 4th of July mind you - and he took the time to pull off my bandage (which was like a huge very sticky bandaid), inspect the site, and proclaim it healing very well. Then he went back outside to be with his family for their barbecue. This was a man who only thought of others. Never himself.

Every Christmas, my mom would think long and hard over what to give as neighborhood gifts. And of course, as soon as she had gotten the perfect thing, she would bundle us kids up to go out and deliver them. Those were always bitter cold days that we went out on, but we loved going to the Allen house because Dr. John or his wife Luana would always invite us in to get warm before we went on. That was always appreciated!

After Alex was born, who was a very sickly child, we grew even closer to Dr. John. He was always concerned for our family and he was so much fun that us children loved being with him! He became so close to our family that he was asked to participate in Rob's baby blessing (that's where the picture is from above)! Neither of my grandpas hold the same beliefs that I do, so it was nice to finally have a grandpa that I could go sit with at church. I never quite took advantage of that like Robbie has! He goes almost every Sunday and without even asking starts to rummage in Luana's purse for the candy he knows is in there!

As his children have grown up and got married, I have seen him change into the perfect grandpa! He was always willing to play with the children, regardless if it was board games or baseball. When Jake and I were babysitting for Wendy, him and his wife came by to grab a few things, but also just to see if we were surviving. As soon as they were in the house, all three children just flew into his arms!

My last memory of Dr. John is one that I will always treasure. It was Thursday night, and as Jake and I were driving home, Jake was purposelly sliding around corners for fun. We thought we were alone, but as we got out of our car, Dr. John was in his driveway laughing at us! He had been shoveling his driveway and had seen us slide around the corner. I'm so glad that my last memory was of his laugh! Of course, Dr. John was almost always laughing!

He will be missed by all. Because of the service he rendered so willingly and quietly, thousands of lives have been touched by him. Please pray for his grandchildren, his children, and most importantly, his dear wife. We love you Dr. John!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hilarious Hair Day

Rob had hilarious hair day at school not too long ago. The original plan was to put tons of tiny pony tails in his hair to make it stick up and out. This is what it looked like during the process:
but after awhile he started complaining that it was hurting too much so we let him go check the progress to give him a break. He looked in the mirror and he immediately burst into tears. He claimed it made him look like a girl. I had no idea image was so huge in kindergarten!
So then we took it all out and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to gel it like Jake does. So we had Jake run over his gel, we put a TON in, turned him upside down and dried it with a blow drier. It looked kind of cool but I knew it wouldn't last long. At least he was happy with it:
By the time he got home it looked like we hadn't done anything. Kids.

Congratulations Alex!

She started like this
And then it was this
And finally, after three long years of her teeth hurting and soft foods:
Isn't my sister GORGEOUS!?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Party In MIAMI!!!!

Jake and I are officially celebrating year #2 in beautiful Miami! We have bought our plane tickets and everything! It was so nice how everything just worked out perfectly - we wanted to go somewhere warm for our anniversary (Dec 28th) and all of my Delta miles expire the end of this year. So we are going to southern Florida and I bought my ticket with miles! Hooray! We are also going to go to Disneyworld, which is a place for kids and seeing as how Jake and I are still kids at heart, I think it will be perfect! Thanks Mom and Dad Cuthbert for the invite!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Conner was a pizza:
Robbie was Link from Zelda:
And Alex and I were Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana!
Since I came up with my costume by myself I am fairly proud of it and now I am going to montage the details:
Notice the ultra hip boots mailed to me by my true cowgirl aunt!
You can't really see here, but I had SUPER sparkly eye shadow going! It was quite possibly my favorite part! And don't forget my microphone!
My gold bangles and hoops! I really don't like gold jewelery, so these pretty much bugged me the entire night!
My super sweet belt that I made myself! I found this "material" at a fabric store and decided to turn it into a belt!
I kinda ran out of time to do my hair so I just tied some funky knots in it and called it good!
My true inner rocker definitely started to come out!

Halloween was a blast! Everyone could tell who I was - even most of the elderly knew! And I had one little girl convinced I really was Hannah Montana! She was so shocked that Hannah Montana knew her name! She was so cute! I had so much fun!

And for those of you who were wondering how my scar is looking: I think it's healing quite well actually! Hopefully it won't even be too noticeable soon!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mega Post!

So I haven't posted in FOREVER! But now all of the sick kids are back at school, I am not substitute teaching, I am not on any trips, and I am not at the doctors, so I can finally post!

I went to New York on a girls trip and I learned that I never want to do that again. ever. It was the first time I had ever gone a single day without Jake since the day we met, and it was pretty much torture from beginning to end. Although the torture did pause while I was at Wicked and Mary Poppins!

Those are 2 of the 3 cousins on my side - Jackie and Laura.

I got a new calling as the YW Secretary and I have greatly enjoyed it thus far! We have had a mystery dinner night: (I was just the photographer so there weren't any of me, but I thought these guys looked great!)

We have gone ice blocking: (it was my first time and as you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed it!)
We went to the corn maze (on a very cold night) where I was the first to find my way out! This is my groups victory pose: My mom and I also took my brother Rob and my niece Echo to the park:
The above picture is Robbie being a stinker face because he didn't get his way.

Also, Jake and I are moving into our apartment soon! Soon meaning hopefully by this time NEXT WEEK!!! Hooray!

And I am being Hannah Montana for Halloween and Alex is being Miley Cyrus! Check back for pictures of how amazing we are sure to look!

I also discovered that my eye is REALLY blue! (and that I really need to shape my brows...)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My New Addiction

I am officially addicted... to digital scrapbooking! My friend Bobbi introduced me to this software and now I am hooked! I do it constantly! I have never been a scrapbooker because it took too much time and money and creative talent. But, I can handle something on the computer, especially since it's fast, cheap, and I can get ideas from awesome pages and make my own spin on it! And best of all - it's easy! I have seriously been doing it every spare moment! The past two days have been torture because Jake has taken the computer with him and I have sat at home imagining the pages I could be making! Okay, so it's not that bad, but it is bad enough for me to scrapbook during the most recent BYU game and hardly even pay attention, which for me is huge! I have been using Scrapbook Factory Deluxe and I absolutely love it! It is user friendly and has tons of pre-made pages where you just drop your picture in or you can make your own custom pages. Here is a page I made in less than 10 minutes for Wilson's Quilt: Usually what happens when I scrapbook is that I get great ideas and then ruin it as I put too much on and there is no way to fix it. With this, I just delete it and I'm good! I am in love!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Hallie!!

I have a new niece! Hallie Peterson was born on Friday night and I have been able to babysit her the last few days while her mom gets some well deserved rest. She is adorable! She likes to stick her tongue out (as seen in the photo below) and she always seems to have the hiccups!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Death of a Black Widow - If you are sympathetic to spiders, please don't read on...

Last night my sister Alex found a MASSIVE black widow right outside our door:
There is Jake's shoe for scale, but seriously - the camera doesn't even come close to capturing the size of this thing! Since it is right outside our door and it is extremely venomous (I read on wikipedia that although it's unlikely to cause death, it's venom would be awful to endure) and since I am scared to death of spiders we decided that this spider couldn't be saved. Now those of you who really know me will know that even seeing this spider will give me nightmares, and unless we really make sure it is dead, I will have nightmares about it coming back to get me. So we made sure it was dead dead.
If you look really close in the picture above you can see the red hourglass. Freaky.
And then, like I said, we had to make sure that this spider was dead dead.
This was for my peace of mind. Those of you with arachnophobia will understand. My parent's sure didn't. They got mad at us for torturing this poor spider. But let me assure you - the spider was dead long before we torched it. This was just for my sanity.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Waterford Weekend - Day 2

After checking out of the hotel we went to the Salomon Center in Ogden and first played mini-golf

and then went bowling where Robbie almost won - Jake beat him after the last frame and Jake was the only one of us who bowled without bumpers!

After that we went and played on these bumper cars twice! We were the ONLY ones in the whole place because everyone else was in school so it was fun and we didn't have to worry about being too loud!

The last thing we did was go to this place called iFLY where you fly in this vertical wind tunnel and it simulates sky diving but without all the risks! It was crazy fun, but also really odd to have a ton of air flying up your nose! I'm going to try to get out movie of us skydiving on here, but who knows if I'm technically savy enough to do that.

All in all, we had a great Waterford Weekend!

Waterford Weekend - Day 1

Last week Jake and I took my little brothers Conner and Robbie on a fun filled two days before they start school. It's kind of a tradition in our family since they start school way after most people for them to get a weekend of fun while everyone else is in school. Since my dad is out of town, I was put in charge of it this year so we went to Salt Lake and had a blast! First we went to the Discovery Children's Museum at the Gateway:

Then we went to the zoo

Then we went to the hotel and swam, ate, and fell fast asleep - after some talking and giggling between the boys after lights out of course!