Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I was excited for Halloween this year.  I figured it would be the only year where I could pick out Jaden's costume before he started making his own decisions.  We thought about a little gangster (since his name in the womb was Coolio)
(Here's his *stank* face:)
But in the end we thought a Baby Harry was cuter
but he is apparently terrified of wizards.
So that one didn't fly either.  So Jaden did what he always does and took matters into his own hands. 
Doesn't look like much?  Let me give you a different view:
He decided to be a Poop Monster.  And he worked hard getting it authentic.
What a mess!  And so much for me choosing his costume.  Oh well!
Also - this huge temptation has been sitting on the counter for days and mocking me:
You are mine tonight!  Here's to hoping we don't have too many trick-or-treaters!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Utah! Part 1

Since Jake is on hold now, we got the chance to go back to Utah for a visit!!  So many people out there had never seen or help my baby, and we missed our families and the mountains, so it was wonderful to go back!  Of course, even on vacation, it's really just business as usual - my boys playing on the computer!
Jake's parents had never even held Jaden, so we stayed with them and they had fun just loving on him!
We had a lot of people to see and a lot of places to go, so by the end, we were exhausted!  Jaden slept practically the entire day after we got home.  But it was so fun showing off our beautiful son!  It was funny - if we were showing him to someone Jake knew, they would exclaim at how much of a Cuthbert Jaden looked like, and if it was someone I knew, they would tell us how he looked like a Doggett.  So far, we know that he got my eyes, and other than that, he must be a good mix of the two because we don't think he looks just like either one of us.
More on our trip to Utah later, just as soon as I upload the pictures.  Depending on when Jaden lets me put him down, that could be in a couple of hours or a couple of days....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graduation and More Poop

Jake graduated from "A" school!!  And not only did he graduate, but he was an honor graduate!  That means he had one of the highest GPA of all of the students in his class!  Here he is getting his diploma from the Lieutenant:
We were so proud of him!  He has worked SO hard!
Jaden, one the other hand, wasn't so excited...
Just kidding!!!!
It was kind of mass pandemonium after the ceremony, so it was hard to get Jaden to look at the camera.
He was also apparently hungry as he tried to eat my face several times.
And then when I asked for a kiss I got a face plant instead
What a silly kiddo!
But, OH BOY, does he make me happy!!!
Here is Jake with part of his graduating class (he is on the far right)
What a cute sailor I have!
So now we go on to "C" school, but we don't know where or when yet.  Jake put together a "dream sheet" of his top three choices of jobs within his field, so now we just wait until they tell us what job he will get, where he will be training, and when he will leave.  Some people get their orders right away, and others wait for months and months, so we have no idea.  Depending on how long his "C" school is depends on if Jaden and I get to go with him, so Jake made sure to put all of the jobs on his dream sheet with the longest training times.  I'll let you know when we know more.

So Jaden flunked out of church today.  Or should I say, Jaden pooped out of church today.  I took him to change him, saw the extent of the damage, went and got Jake, and told him we were going home.  It was one of those that really required a bath tub!  Jake told me to take this picture quick because if he had to smell it any longer he was going to puke!
This innocent little face really hides what was lurking below:
Don't let the innocence fool you
But boy did he feel good afterwards!
Oh, and did I mention that was the first time he ever wore that outfit?  Just breaking it in I guess....

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Sharing Issues

My camera charger is lost and I am too busy lazy to find it.  So no pictures of my little man.

One of the things that you learn as a small child is how to share with others.  For the most part, I am pretty good at sharing.  I like sharing because it makes me feel good and I like to help others.  But there is one aspect of my life that I do NOT like sharing, and that is my son.  Sure, I will share his story and his pictures, but when it comes to holding him and playing with him, I have a really hard time letting others in. 

As many of you know, I have waited my entire life to be a mother, but more specifically, I have waited, yearned for, prayed for, and cried for want of a baby in the last 4 years.  At one point, the doctors told me I absolutely could not try for children for a few years until my health was cleared.  That was one of the darkest days in my life.  So I think it's understandable that I have such a hard time putting Jaden down. 

But it's been a tug-of-war between Jake and I.  When Jake comes home, I understand that he needs to have his time with Jaden too since I am with him all day.  But I have such a hard time giving him up.  We have to set a schedule for who gets to change the diaper, who gets to give him his bath, who gets to take him out when he gets fussy during church, who gets to take him to class at church, who gets to sit next to him in the car, who gets to push his stroller, and who gets to play with him and do tummy time with him. 

There is a  reason that Jaden doesn't nap in his bed during the day but in my arms instead.  It's about 25% that he doesn't sleep as long in his bed and 75% that I can't bear to put him down.  I just love holding him and marveling over his perfection.  Jaden sleeps about 12 hours at night now (you put him down at 8pm and you don't usually hear him again until 8-8:30am) but occasionally he has his 5am "you get to come in and love me!  Aren't you lucky!?!" wake up call.  I really don't mind those.  He isn't really hungry.  All he wants is a pacifier, being cuddled, rocked, and an occasional bum pat.  It is a time where it is just him and me and there are no other distractions and I can just stare at him, marvel at him, and kiss him. 

It is easy to be selfish with him when you live hundreds of miles from anyone you know and you are home all day with him, but I am really going to struggle when we go back to Utah in 2 weeks for a visit.  There will be other people that will want to hold him and love him and that's fine.  But I am worried because I won't get my exclusive one-on-one time with my miracle.  So if I let you hold him and then after a little while I yank him from your arms with no explanation, now you know why.