Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Unique Name

I saw this on my friend's post and thought it would be fun, especially since I have always thought that I had such a unique name. So here was a chance to prove it! I put in Mari Cuthbert and...
LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.">How many have your name?

So then I tried Mari Doggett (my maiden name) and...
LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.">How many have your name?

Yes!! I am unique! I don't know how they get these statistics, but I like them! However, to be fair, I also put in my real name and found out that there are 5 people out there with the name Martha Cuthbert and 12 poor people out there named Martha Doggett. Who would have thought!?! I also learned that Cuthbert is much more rare of a last name than Doggett. Oh the things you can learn on the internet!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Jake rarely ever has a day off from both school and work, and when he does he usually has homework that he has to do. However, every so often, he will have a day off where he has absolutely no homework to do. Such a day came last Wednesday, so my mom, being the generous one that she is, sent us up to Salt Lake on Tuesday night for an overnight mini vacation! We stayed in the Marriott in the Executive King room! The bed was so soft it was like sleeping on a cloud! Here was the view from our room: We ordered room service and ate dinner in bed and then had breakfast in bed the next morning! We then went to the Gateway and played around there - my favorite was playing at the children's museum! It was fun, even though we didn't have any kids with us! Here I am pretending I'm a TV anchor and here is Jake playing with the wind tunnels. Then we went and walked around temple square - having the most fun wandering around the basement of the visitor's center - and then we headed off to home. It was a great day to just do whatever we wanted!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on Gymnastic Scandal!

This article has just been posted on Yahoo's website! It basically says that the IOC is launching an official and full investigation into the ages of China's gymnasts! Finally! But knowing the IOC, they won't want to anger China and will just do it all half-heartedly. Oh well. At least everyone will know now that China cheated! That at least makes me happy. Now if they would just give Nastia the gold medal she deserves...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Controversy

As I am recovering from being radioactive, I have pretty much watched the Olympics 24/7 and I must say it has been really rather exciting! However, I have been extremely disappointed with the results of the women's gymnastics. It's obvious that some unfair practices are going on, especially where China's team is concerned.

There is a minimum age limit set by the International Olympic Committee for those competing in gymnastics at these Olympics - the athletes must be at least 16 years of age by the end of this calendar year. However, it has been widely disputed that many on China's team are under the 16 age limit. In fact, some are reported to be as young as 13! However, the IOC is doing nothing about it because China can produce passports for each girl that claims they are all 16. Now I am no history buff, but what I do know is that China is not below falsifying records if it means they can dominate in a global setting.

At the bars finals two gymnasts received the exact same score, putting them in a tie for the gold medal. They were:

Nastia Luikin (USA) and He Kexin (China) This is the girls that is supposedly 16. I'm not buying it.

Now, they scored exactly the same so to figure out who won gold, they had to do tie-breaker after tie-breaker. These so-called "tie-breakers" were set in stone before the competition, but their routines were so similar that they had to go through 4 tie-breakers until they could find a girl who had a slight edge and award her the gold. Unfortunately, it was He Kexin from China.

Here is what I think should have been done: in swimming, if two swimmers touch at the exact same moment, they award two medals of the same color. For instance, if two swimmers both touch the wall and tie for third place, they will give out two bronze medals. Why can't they give two gold medals in this instance?!? Obviously both girls did well enough to get the highest score so they should both be awarded gold medals. However, they decided to give it to the girl that was apparently slightly better but also underage and illegal. Blast China and their unwillingness to follow the rules!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Delving into the mind of a not-so-innocent 5 year old!

My mom's birthday was on Tuesday, but since my internet has been a bit faulty, this will have to do. So...

Happy Birthday!!!

And the best present she received was from my littlest brother Robbie, who is 5. He thought of this great idea to show her how much he loves her by drawing hearts on all the walls! What a novel idea! And even better, he'll do it in marker! That way she would know of the depth of his love! Luckily, she asked him to explain the markings before she blew up or it could have been disastrous! But after he said, "Yeah! I drewed hearts on all the walls to show you how much I love you!", it was kind of hard to really get mad at him. Here are some of the examples of the hearts (there are about 6 total scattered throughout the house):
This is Robbie - the culprit in all of this. Sorry for the horrible picture taking skills. The heart is there but really really faint. Having my mom point this one out is helping for two reasons: 1) it helps to locate the faint heart which isn't nearly as faint in person and 2) it gives you a scale for the size of these hearts. They are fairly large, which is to be expected for someone who just finished up preschool!
Robbie told me this was his practice drawing. We never got a definitive answer as to what it was, but just that he was testing the marker to make sure it worked. Heaven forbid he just try it on a piece of paper!