Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And Then Everything Changes...

So BIG news!

No, we're not pregnant

No, we're not buying a house

Yes, we are moving!!!  But not to where you may think.  We are moving to...


Actually, Jaden and I are already here!  Jake and my dad will be driving the moving truck this weekend.  We are so excited to be coming home and being around family, but we are going to miss those beaches and that sun!

So, here's what is going on.  Jake has had some medical issues lately (not anything major so no need to be alarmed) and the doctor he was seeing recommended that he be released from the military on a medical discharge.  The exact details are slightly personal, so I won't go into it here.  However, it means that Jake is getting out of the military with an honorable discharge, and we couldn't be happier!  He will go back to doing real estate appraisals (which he was doing before and LOVED) and we will live in my parents house until we find the perfect rental.  So, if you missed us, then good news, because the Cuthbert's are back in town!