Friday, November 21, 2008

Hilarious Hair Day

Rob had hilarious hair day at school not too long ago. The original plan was to put tons of tiny pony tails in his hair to make it stick up and out. This is what it looked like during the process:
but after awhile he started complaining that it was hurting too much so we let him go check the progress to give him a break. He looked in the mirror and he immediately burst into tears. He claimed it made him look like a girl. I had no idea image was so huge in kindergarten!
So then we took it all out and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to gel it like Jake does. So we had Jake run over his gel, we put a TON in, turned him upside down and dried it with a blow drier. It looked kind of cool but I knew it wouldn't last long. At least he was happy with it:
By the time he got home it looked like we hadn't done anything. Kids.

Congratulations Alex!

She started like this
And then it was this
And finally, after three long years of her teeth hurting and soft foods:
Isn't my sister GORGEOUS!?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Party In MIAMI!!!!

Jake and I are officially celebrating year #2 in beautiful Miami! We have bought our plane tickets and everything! It was so nice how everything just worked out perfectly - we wanted to go somewhere warm for our anniversary (Dec 28th) and all of my Delta miles expire the end of this year. So we are going to southern Florida and I bought my ticket with miles! Hooray! We are also going to go to Disneyworld, which is a place for kids and seeing as how Jake and I are still kids at heart, I think it will be perfect! Thanks Mom and Dad Cuthbert for the invite!