Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Settled In

Well, we made it to Chicago! It is hot and muggy but wonderful to be together as a family! Jaden was fantastic on the flight and has settled into his new home and new routine quite nicely. He is still on oxygen until we get our new Pediatrician squared away, but I can handle that. Jake is almost never at home because he is always in classes or doing his Navy requirements, but at least I know that if I absolutely need him, he is only a 5 minute drive away!

I still haven't found my camera charger. I know it's in a brown cardboard box, but there are seemingly hundreds of those lying around with not much time to search, so until then, I will let you see what Jaden and I did for Jake's Fathers Day present. We hired Holly to come over and take our pictures and she did a FABULOUS job! I seriously recommend her to anyone! Notice that we took his oxygen off for the pictures. Isn't it funny how different he can look without his nasal cannula? We got these developed in Chicago and framed a few. Jake loved it! Enjoy our awesomeness:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set, Here We Go!!!

I know it has been forever since I last posted. That is because life is crazy. Here are the updates:

Jake came and saw Jaden for this first time since he looked like this:

He came home for Memorial Day weekend to pack up all of our stuff and move it to Chicago without us. I do have pictures of Jake holding Jaden for the first time ever, but of course, I packed up my camera charger and my camera has since run out of juice, so no pictures for now.

Jake and my dad left on Monday morning, drove straight through, got to Chicago Tuesday morning, and my dad flew home Tuesday afternoon. Which is also the same day Jaden was released from the hospital. That was two weeks ago tomorrow, so now you know why my life has been so crazy!

Having Jaden home is wonderful but also very difficult. Any new baby at home is exhausting - getting up multiple times in the middle of the night, trying to figure out why they are screaming, having a long list of things that have to get done but having a baby who just wants to be held, and getting him to sleep only to have him become wide awake the moment his head hits his mattress - but a new baby on oxygen is even worse. I have essentially a tether attached to him. I can only go so far with him before either his oxygen tubes or his heart monitor cable pull me back. If Jaden gets up screaming in the night because he's starving, I can't take him with me downstairs to prepare his bottle (he has almost completely stopped breast feeding and so now I pump and give him bottles) so I have to leave him screaming in his room while I go get everything ready. And if I'm with him and the phone rings or someone comes to the door? Forget it! So I will be glad when we get to Chicago and we can leave this oxygen mess behind us! He is really only on oxygen to help him through the plane ride, which brings us to our next piece of news:

We are officially flying to Chicago on Friday!!! It will be a nightmare to get the paperwork and equipment needed all squared away, but I can't wait! Neither can Jake! I will miss having my family around to help, but I will be so happy to have Jake and to have Jaden's swing! And my family is already figuring out how they can come visit me because they will all go through Jaden withdrawals when we are gone. So life is crazy!