Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boston Children's Museum!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

That Smell Is Making Me Sick!

A few night ago I was washing my face before bed, but Jake needed the sink so I kind of rushed the process. Because I was hurrying so fast, I thought I got a little bit of my face wash in my nose. Kind of gross, I know!

I didn't think much about it until the next day when I kept smelling my face wash and the smell started making me sick. I didn't want to eat anything, not even popcorn at the movie theater! (P.S. Don't take your husband/boyfriend/brother to see The Proposal. Not unless you want them drooling over an almost full-frontal of Sandra Bullock. Only the most bare minimum was covered to grab that PG-13 rating. I was very surprised. I'm glad I went alone.) The smell kept lingering and it made me just want to puke. I tried to blow my nose to get it out, and even considered flushing my nose out, but nothing helped. I finally got some food down and went to bed.

Then yesterday I woke up smelling the smell again! Through most of the day I felt sick again, but being the science person that I am, I realized that even if I had got some face wash in my nose, it would have dissipated by now, so it had to be something else. I sniffed my skin to see if it was my lotion. Nope. I sniffed my clothes to see if it was my detergent. Nope. I sniffed my hair to see if it was my new shampoo. Nope. And then the light bulb went on, and I reached for my new deodorant. BINGO! I had found the source of the smell that made me very sick!

I had just run out of my previous deodorant, the new Dove cucumber one. When I went to the store, this kind of Dove deodorant was on sale, 2 for $4. Normally, they are more than $4 a piece, and since I am a sucker for a sale, I bought 2. Why not, right? I mean, I will always need deodorant. Now I am kicking myself. Not only do I hate the smell (and yes, I did smell it before I bought it but it didn't bother me at first) but now I have 2 of them. Some people might like it. Not me. Now I need to go buy new deodorant at the store...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Randi Made It Through!!

Not that I was surprised. I only voted for her about a million times last night! Having danced with her when I was younger and being on student council with her, it's wierd to see her on tv. But I KNOW that girl can dance!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Try to Top My Travel Nightmare!

Friday June 19
2:30pm: Leave my cousin's house to go to the Charlottesville airport for my 4:03pm flight

3:10 pm: Check into my flight. It is overbooked and I have no choice but to be bumped to a later flight that leaves at 5:45pm. I do get a $300 travel voucher good for one year.

5:40 pm: Board my flight. I find out that there are only 5 people on my flight. Total. Seems like a total waste of a plane, but it makes me feel famous like I'm on a private flight or something.

7:50pm: Arrive in Detroit where I wait for my plane to Boston to board.

8:20pm: Decide that since I have such a long layover (I didn't get on my original connection because they bumped me off my first flight) I decide to have a long dinner at the Chili's in the Detroit Airport.

9:15pm: My plane to Boston is delayed. It is storming pretty bad outside now.

9:30pm: Still delayed.

9:45pm: Still waiting

10:00pm: Plane is boarding! We pull back from the gate.

10:20pm: We are on the tarmac. The captain tells us that because of the storms, no east bound planes are being allowed to take off. We are 20th in line when they finally let us go, so it shouldn't be too long.

11:00pm: Planes are allowed to go, so we all buckle up and get ready!

11:30pm: They have closed all flights again. We are now 5th in line.

Saturday June 20
12:30am: Still waiting on the tarmac.

1:00am: We finally take off! I don't even care that it is super turbulent. I just want to get home. I fall asleep.

2:00am: The captain comes over the intercom and tells us that the airplane's computer system has gone down. We are in no danger, but must divert to Newark, New Jersey.

2:30am: Land in Newark, New Jersey

3:00am: We have all gotten off the plane and got our bags at the baggage claim. Now we are just waiting for someone to come and tell us what they are going to do. And we are all fighting over the electrical outlets because all of our cell phones are dead.

4:00am: Someone finally shows up. We are all tired and cranky at this point. He tells us that they are getting buses to come and they are going to bus us from Newark to Boston. The buses should arrive in one hour.

5:00am: No buses yet.

6:00am: Buses finally arrive.

6:10am: I am on my bus. I call Jake and almost immediately go unconscious.

9:45am: Finally arrive at the Logan International Airport in Boston.

10:00am: Jake picks me up at the airport.

11:00am: I finally pull into home. I take the fastest shower ever and fall dead into bed.

A simple flight that should normally take 2 hours ended up taking 12! It was a VERY long day and my lack of sleep is still catching up to me. Luckily, I was able to laugh about the whole situation, which made it a lot easier to handle. Some people were extremely upset and yelling at everybody about everything, but it just made the whole ordeal worse. I'm glad I was able to just laugh it off. But now I'm home, safe and sound!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So I am in Virginia for a few days hangin' with my cousin! I have never spent much time in this state, so I am excited to become better acquainted with it. Although, my cousin is studying for her chemistry test tomorrow and it's bringing back a lot of really bad memories! Oh how I HATE chemistry!

P.S. There are lightning bugs outside my window! I love lightning bugs!!!
Both Utah and Massachusetts are seriously lacking in lighting bugs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Robbie - Not Your Typical Doggett!

(Robbie's self portrait)

Most of the Doggett's strive for perfection in everything we do. Until now.

Meet Robbie Doggett. He is my 6 year old brother, and he is walking trouble! He is 100% hilarious and is proud of it! He wants nothing more out of life than to make people laugh! And he is good at it! However, it can present a problem too. We got his Kindergarten report card today. His dance teacher (yes - he has to take dance at his hoity-toity private school) wrote that he needs to learn how to respect teachers and keep himself under control. Apparently he led an uprising in the class. He has also been kicked out of pretty much every class at Waterford. Even his music teacher kicked him out, and he is a family friend. It's been a LONG time since any Doggett has ever gotten kicked out of a class, and this kid is only 6! Can you even imagine the grief he is going to give my parents!?!

But as much as I want him to calm down and behave, I don't want him to loose his confidence or change his quirky personality. Not too long ago, he told someone that he had pooped his pants. My dad told him that you don't have to tell people that, but he just looked up at him and said, "But dad, it makes them laugh!" He has no problem sharing the most embarrassing details as long as he can make someone laugh, and I love that about him! He has such a love for life and for people, now I just need to figure out how to channel that into being the class clown who has perfect citizenship...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plymouth - A Definite Must See!

We went to Plymouth last week, and boy did we ever have fun! And it was definitely better than Salem! We went in the most interesting museum - it had tons of artifacts that came over on the actual Mayflower, a bible that was printed in the 1500's, and a doll from my direct ancestor Mary Chilton. She came over on the Mayflower and survived the first winter. We also went on the Mayflower II which is an exact replica of the Mayflower.
We also saw Plymouth Rock, which actually has no historical significance at all except that someone once deemed it the first rock stepped on by the Pilgrims. In fact, the Pilgrims first landed in Cape Cod and decided to try to find somewhere else that was more hospitable. It is actually more of an icon than a historical fact.
As you can see from the pictures, it was kind of a dreary day, but that kept most of the tourists away. Unfortunately, it also kept us from the Plymouth Plantation and our Ghost Walk. But our tickets are good all summer so we are going to be sure to go down again. Maybe then I can get Jake agree to fork over the $$$ for whale watching!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Salem - Never Again

I was so excited to go to Salem! I love The Crucible - both reading it and seeing it performed. I love reading the dark history of the city. And I love a good ol' witch hunt. Unfortunately, no one told Salem that was what people loved. I am glad that I went to Salem, and I'm glad that I am never going back!

First of all, the town seemed very tourist unfriendly. I understand that we didn't go during peak tourist season, but still, parking and finding our way around proved very difficult. The town almost focuses more on their current witch population than on their past witch trials. In fact, everyone there seems really resentful that the only thing they are really known for are those darn witch trials! I mean, they think that people would actually care that they have been a thriving maritime metropolis for over 350 years! Seriously Salem - come to terms with the fact that you have a dark history that everyone is curious about, embrace it, and capitalize on it! They could make so much more than they actually do! Our tour guide even told us that tourism only brings in a 3rd of the towns wealth. That is after elderly healthcare! They are sitting on a seriously huge cash cow, and they are doing nothing about it!

We poked around for half a day, took some of the obvious touristy type pictures, and raced home to make it to a movie on time.

By they way, we HIGHLY recommend:
You'll leave happy!

Il Est Fini!