Saturday, September 19, 2009


Alex is 16 and went to her first dance last Saturday! Luckily for me, she asked for my help to get her ready. Actually, I would have been there whether she asked me to or not! So now I am just going to post pictures so you can see just how beautiful my amazing sister is:

I also had one of my Young Women ask me to help her get ready, so here is Sarah after hair and makeup ready to get in her dress:
By the way, Alex had a blast!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glee Made Me Glum

I was SO excited for this show! The pilot was promising, and it looked like my kind of show. If there had been a glee club at my high school, I definitely would have been in it! And then I watched with horror last night as they ruined the most promising show on television. They totally sexed it up where it didn't need it and now I feel like I can't watch it - especially because I gave the lesson on Sunday to the Young Women on how to avoid degrading media. :) Darn those writers!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A St. George Weekend!

My dad got my sister Alex, Jake, and I tickets to Aida at the Tuacahn Theater. So we decided to make a day of it! First we decided to climb was we thought was a small cinder cone. It was NOT small!
It took ALL my strength to get to the topbut when I made it I was SO excited!After we climbed down we decided to drive to Mesquite, Nevada so that my dad could have his favorite ribs. Jake really enjoyed the murals on the outside of the restaurant.Nevada was really hot. Well, so was Utah, but we only documented it in Nevada. Alex was really excited to get back to Utah after dinner.We still had some time to burn before the show so we decided to walk around the grounds of the Saint George Temple.

Jake and I took some kissy pictures, but I decided to spare you all. You're welcome! :)

After that we went and watched Aida which was FABULOUS!!!! There was a live camel! And the costume changes blew my mind! So that was pretty much the best weekend ever!!