Sunday, July 7, 2013

13 Weeks of Fun: Week 0

Now that I am living at home, I thought it was a good time to make some fun memories with my youngest brothers.  So I came up with the 13 Weeks of Fun!  We brainstormed and thought of all of the fun things to do in Utah (came up with about 30 of them) and then everyone in the family got to pick their top 10.  From that, we compiled the most popular 13 things and decided to do one a week for the whole summer.  Our first week turned out to be unplanned as Hana was coming to visit and wanted to hike to Timpanogos Caves.  So we got tickets and hiked on up.  Some people, like Jake, blazed on up the trail with a Jaden on his back (literally), while other people, like me, just kept praying that I could put one more foot in front of the other without dying.  But we had a blast in the end!  And since this wasn't on our original 13 week roster, and it happened before the boys were out of school, we will call it Week 0.

 Yes, that is a leash on my child.  You take my stealthy, silent, fast, and fearless child up to the top of a mountain with a cliff edge and then judge me.

Thanks Hana for such a great idea and a fantastic way to kick off Summer 2013!


Jeri said...

Love it!

Mandy said...

Fun! I want to see all the other things you did each week!