Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Since Then...

We went from here:

To here:

To here:
To here:

And then back to here:

Life has been crazy, but in the good kind of way.  We miss Florida like crazy, but we are enjoying being back in Utah and by family once again.  Jake is loving being back at his real estate appraisal office and we are enjoying living with my parents.  It's great to have built-in babysitters and free rent!

We've been to the dinosaur museum:

And going ice skating: (the camera was broken and wouldn't focus, but you get the idea.  And, Jaden LOVES to skate!  YES!!!!!  And my old skates still fit!  DOUBLE YES!!!!!)

And going swimming EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!
Jaden and I now have killer tans, thanks to his need to swim every day and the pool in our backyard.

However, when we were living in Florida my computer was right next to Jaden's play area, so I was on it all the time while he played.  Now we live in a 3 story house and Jaden and I are all over the place watching TV (The Octonauts is his current favorite), playing with his cars or army men, running in the backyard, jumping on the tramp, jumping on grandma's bed, playing on grandma's ipad, or watching a movie (Toy Story is his movie of choice at the moment).  So now I'm never on the computer, hence my lack of blogging.  But I will try to be better. :)


Lauren said...

So glad you posted! I am happy to see you enjoying Utah and especially the pool! I'm going to invite myself over for a swim with you as soon as we get back to the Utah heat! haha. Jaden is AMAZING!

Mandy said...

Love all the pictures! You did a good job of catching up!