Tuesday, July 9, 2013

13 Weeks of Fun: Week 1

Hogle Zoo
It was hot and crowded the day we went to Hogle Zoo, but we had a blast!  And yes, the child leash (a.k.a. the child safety tether) does make another appearance. :)
 That's my mom, my dad, Robbie, our family friend Mykah, and Jaden.  Mykah and Jaden are the best of friends!

 Mykah insisted helping push Jaden's stroller up the hill. :)

 So Mykah started to love having her picture taken, so she posed on everything she could find, even if it was never meant to be posed with...

 Jaden found this Beanie Baby Snake that he has been quite attached to.  That snake got dragged all over that zoo that day!

It was so much fun!  Jaden's favorite part by far was when you could watch the sea lions underwater.  We ran around that building for almost half an hour.  I can't wait for the aquarium week!  

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