Monday, January 28, 2013


That's right!  My little boy has officially entered the Terrible Two's!  And we couldn't be more excited!

We are so lucky to have our little feisty Jaden in our lives.  There is literally not a day that goes by that I don't just stare at him in awe and wonder.  Here are some fun facts about our miracle boy:

*He doesn't like to hold his morning/nap time/bedtime bottle.  He likes you to hold it, and then he likes to play with your fingers.
*Favorite TV shows: Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*Favorite Movies: Lion King (this is a new favorite and I think I have watched it about 50 times in the last week and a half), Finding Nemo and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
*He is going through a Cheese-It phase.  That's all he wants to eat.  Thank goodness for multi-vitamins!
*He is a very quiet kid (comes from Jake) but has just started to hold long conversations in complete gibberish (comes from me).
*When he wants to show you something he will grab your finger and drag you over to see it.
*He is completely fascinated by his belly button.
*He spends a good portion of his day watching home movies of himself.  Vain child (comes from me).
*He loves to take baths.  He will take two baths a day if he can talk us into it.
*Jaden doesn't say "yes".  I mean, he can say it, but he doesn't.  He just says "ok!" instead.
*He is obsessed with dogs, and more specifically, dogs licking his face.

So here are the obligatory photos!
Jaden in the NICU
6 months (I love that you can see his apnea monitor wires at the bottom - we had taken him off oxygen for the pictures and kept putting the nasal cannula back in his nose in between pictures)
1 year
18 months
2 years!!! (ish - this was actually taken in November, but it's close enough)
Happy Birthday Jaden!  We love you more than you could ever know!  We are eternally grateful you were willing to fight to stay with us!


Jennifer Morelock said...

Beautiful family! We will miss you guys. Wish you the best. Stay in touch.

Jennifer Morelock said...

Be happy!

Jeri said...

Unbelievably cute! That kid has movie-star hair!

Love you guys--get out here!


Diana said...

Handsome handsome boy.